What Our Tribe Is Saying

What Our Tribe Is Saying About Us

We asked more than a dozen of our members to share what it was like to be part of our program.

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"An amazing program with real women and their very real life stories. The program was life changing for me. When they say you get all the tools to become unstuck they mean it! I have a new perspective on life, with new tools and confidence I never had. The programs are life changing! I strongly suggest it!"

"Bloom was a beautiful experience for me. An atmosphere full of love, acceptance, and connection. I walk away, now, with priceless tools, as well as forever friends. My heart has been filled, and I cannot express how grateful I am for this new-found strength."

“Thank you for this incredible program. I finally feel that I have the right to and need to focus on me during all of this."

“Where have you been all my life?!? I love what I am learning, I love that I am not alone, I love the way I am starting to see myself. I swear, every week now there is something in the assignment videos or the coaching call, or even in the forum that flips a switch for me and makes me almost giddy!”

“I feel so understood and validated and accepted and challenged in a positive way. Thank you!”

“Obviously, in reality, these are not easy ideas to just instantly put into practice….but just having them spelled out in such a way makes it all seem doable, manageable. I also loved what I learned about creating our identity versus finding it….painting a blank canvas versus trying to uncover a painted one. The idea that at 35 years old, I can grab a new canvas and start fresh….monumental. My true identity is what I want it to be. A new, hand-crafted me. I like that.”

“Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom and for helping me get through each day!”

“The little things each week have accumulated to the point that I feel like the pendulum of my emotions is slowing down! YAY!!!!!!!! I’d like to just take a deep breath here and say Thank You!”

“This program is a gift from God, and I am grateful for everyone on here.”

“A big shout out to my tribe here, all the AWESOME ladies & our AWESOME Bloom team – thank you for helping me to be a better version of myself :-)”

“It’s so nice to know I have so many people who believe in me. The support is incredible. Thank you!”

“My victory for this week is transferring what I am learning to my boys and others around me. It’s been quite empowering putting this information into everyday practice. It’s becoming second nature to replace the sucky thoughts with better more productive thoughts. This is such a blessing!!”

“The information this week has been life changing–helping me to put into perspective many things. Huge leap in my understanding.”

“I Love that I am progressing and I appreciate the process!”

“I recognized that I have been shaming myself for not trusting my intuition and have committed to really trying to stay centered and allow myself to trust me. I feel that rediscovering my worth is at the heart of my journey but that learning to trust my intuition is a close runner up. Thank you for all the great info and encouragement!”

“I feel more alive than I have for… well, who knows how long! I feel that the biggest difference is that I am more able to keep on subject not allowing others to take control of me. Trusting my intuition and knowing that what I think and feel matters!! Thank you!”

“I have been really enjoying going over past sessions. Sometimes life is busy, ok all the time! I do the work but revisiting it has helped it sink in from fresh eyes. I’m more joyful, I have more of a clear direction, and know I’m going to be ok. I am focusing on my kids and being the kind person I want to be. Thank you BLOOM!”

“I have so much more energy. Bloom has influenced the amount of sleep, exercise and eating… and I am feeling more energy.”

“I feel strong! I know I have a ways to go yet with setting boundaries, but instead of feeling overwhelmed by that, I feel like this is doable, I will get there, I am progressing!!! Thank You for making this possible!”

“I didn’t binge yesterday! Which means I wasn’t eating my feelings and stayed in the present. I was also mindful of my hunger cues. I enjoyed all my favorite foods, and enjoyed pie with everyone, but never snuck off to the kitchen to eat mindlessly when I felt like anything was out of my control. This for me is HUGE!! I struggle with a binging eating disorder and was really anxious about this week. Thanksgiving is always hard for me, family dynamics and food everywhere, but I was thrilled when I went to sleep last night with how I handled myself yesterday.”

“I am actually pretty stoked for 2017- Since starting the Bloom program I have done a lot of changing and I am excited to start another year as the new me, the true me. I want to give myself the gift of acceptance. This is my life, I can’t change what has happened but I can control how my story ends! I feel really hopeful that this next year will be a good one <3”

“I’m finding that life gets a little better day by day. I’ve enjoyed spending time with family. I’m learning to set boundaries and enjoy life. I’m grateful for fun times and a chance to laugh. I’m finding moments of tremendous joy.”

“I am also grateful for BLOOM. It gives me hope. These tools and skills that I am gaining are invaluable.”

“My husband is a truck driver. He’s gone a lot, so it’s really hard to work together on our problems. Usually it ends in an argument. When my husband was home on Sunday, he said to me, the next time I argue with you, tell me to knock it off. My reply was, I’m not going to argue with you anymore, because when I do I can’t heal. It took him off guard. We had an amazing weekend and was able to have the best talk, one that we’ve needed for years. Thanks for helping me to understand more about healing myself. I have learned some amazing things about myself.”

“I have been trying off and on for a couple years now to use positive self-talk, but it never seemed to “stick.” Thanks to Bloom I have now connected these beliefs to positive memories/feelings/etc., and I can already tell the difference. The words feel so much more real now! Also, after a week of not sleeping so well and not getting my 7 hours for various reasons, I listened to my body and went to bed early enough to get 9 hours of sleep last night. It was just what I needed, and I’m glad I made that choice.”

“Thank you so much for saving my life. I have been trying to implement change for 10 years with no idea how to do it. Now I know and have the chance to be what I always desired to be… myself. I’m excited to find out who that is.”